1. How does this all work?

    Once you've clicked the join now link and applied for an account, you can chat with any of our models for free by clicking the online link under their name. You can view their webcam if the model has "free video mode" enabled or if you enter a voyeur, private, or VIP show.
  2. What's the difference between a voyeur chat, a private chat and a VIP chat?

    A voyeur chat is a chat with a model where you can view his webcam but can not type in the chat room or make requests. In a private chat, you may type, however multiple viewers can join and make requests to the model. You may need to fight for his attention and he may not offer as much as in a VIP show. In a VIP chat, you are the only customer allowed to type to the model and the model usually offers the most in these types of shows.
  3. What's the difference between public and private galleries?

    A public gallery is one that is open to anyone. A private gallery is one that is only open to people who join for free.
  4. Why can't I view the model chatroom?

    It sounds like your flash software isn't up to date. Click here to download the latest flash software allowing you to view the chat.
  5. What's a credit?

    A credit is what you use to purchase minutes from our models. $1 equals one credit. We like to keep it simple. Credits are purchased by depositing funds in your account.
  6. Are there certain times when the models are online?

    When the models are available to chat, it will show that they are online. Alternatively you can view their schedule in their profiles or favorite them to get alerted when they're online by clicking on "add to favorites" in their profiles.
  7. How do I become a model?

    Please fill out our webcam model application.
  8. Is there a min/max time I have to spend with a model?

    There are no limits to how much time you spend with a model. Some models do however set a minimum show price to begin a show with him, so please pay attention to the notices before purchasing a show.
  9. Can I broadcast my webcam to the model?

    Yes, you can use our cam to cam feature in VIP mode with the model of your choice. Simply click on the video button in the chat room during a VIP session to enable this feature.
  10. Can I get the model's contact info (email, instant messenger, etc.)?

    Sorry guys, that's a negative. We don't allow the exchange of contact information through our website.
  11. What's the deal with tips?

    Basically, you can tip a model if you want to see a model perform a certain action or they performed an action well enough to deserve one. There's no set rule to the tips. If you think the model deserves one, then by all means, hook them up. Don't be cheap people!
  12. Can I use my credits on other SNR Productions, Inc. websites?

    Yes! You can use your credits on any male version site!
  13. What is a fan club?

    A fan club is an individual model section, where they can offer some or all of the following: photos, videos, journals, and recorded private chat archives.
  14. How do I access a model's fan club?

    The easiest way to directly access a model's fan club is to click the star icon on their thumbnail in the model listing or directly on the fan club page. You may also click on a model's profile and click the fan club link once inside (if they have one). Then, click on the join button inside of the preview fan club page of the model you'd like to join. Once you've made your purchase, just return to that model's preview fan club page and you will be granted access to all of his content. No additional password is required to enter. Simply login with your current account information and re-enter the model's fan club.
  15. How much is a fan club?

    Each model can set their own rates, so it will vary from model to model. Access is granted on a monthly basis so if you'd like to continue to access your favorite model's fan club, just join and that's it. If you'd like to stop viewing a model's fan club, you may cancel here.
  16. Does every model have a fan club?

    No, not every model will have a fan club. Feel free to make a request of the model if they don't currently have one available.
  17. What's a show on demand?

    A show on demand is an individually priced recorded show a model made available for purchase. You may sample all shows by visiting our shows on demand section.
  18. What do I do if my question isn't answered here?

    Feel free to visit our support site open 24/7.